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Discharge Planning

PictureThe discharge planning starts prior to admitting to Chestnut Ridge Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. Within 72 hours after your admission, you and your family will be attending Circle of Care, a meeting that lets you express your goals for returning home after rehabilitation services have been completed.

Our team of rehabilitative professionals make sure you’re ready for the challenges involved with returning home or to an alternate level of care. In addition to outlining personalized exercise plans and guidelines for safely performing daily routines, our therapists will make sure each patient can manage stairs and other obstacles related to returning home. Our social workers may arrange for wheelchair assistance or other assistive devices, and our nutritionists may go over dietary issues that could impact a full recovery. If applicable, our nurses will provide information on wound care and disease and medication management. All of this helps ensure that once you leave our facility, you will be adequately prepared to resume optimal functionality and independence.

Man and Boy Fishing

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